Mr M, London

“In 2010, I was having recurrent asthma problems and lying down in bed was becoming difficult; it would make me feel wheezy. I’ve had asthma since I was a child. Because asthma is such a serious medical condition and personally I would advise against doing what I did – i.e. going to a homeopath instead of a medical doctor – Arfa was concerned I had decided to come to her first instead of a medical doctor, but all I managed to say was ‘I feel worse lying down at night.’ She got up immediately and prepared a medicine for me called Aralia. I swear by Almighty God, as soon as those pills touched my tongue, my asthma went away. It worked faster than the nebulizers. Although a few months later, my asthma symptoms returned, my belief in homeopathy increased. Thanks Arfa for showing me how fast homeopathy can work!”