“During the Case-Taking process a patient disclosed to Arfaher addiction to eating tissues, soap, sponge, and surfing powder, and drinking perfumes. Arfa prescribed Alumina 50. A few months later she reported that her addiction went away.”
(Patient wishes to remain anonymous)
“Back in 2013, my hands, arms, and lips used to swell up. I was completely covered with hives. It shortly became a daily occurrence, I would be itching constantly and would find it embarrassing in public. On seeing a dermatologist/skin consultant at St Helier Hospital I was told I was allergic to dust mites. I was advised to take antihistamines but I hated the idea of remaining on medication for the rest of my life. That’s when I tried searching for alternative natural solutions. I went to see Arfa Ahmad.Arfagave me wonderful nutritional advice and then gave me a homeopathic medicine. I followed her instructions for three months and noticed that my hives were lessening. As of now I haven’t had a single episode of urticarial angioedema for over a year now.”
M A, Southfields
“A man came to see Arfa who had a previous history of pylori disease. After taking antibiotics he went for a test and the doctors gave him the all-clear but he was still having extreme stomachache, so much so that he had bruises on his right side andnear the navel area. He lost his appetite and became constipated. In fact, he reported not going to the toilet for a whole week. He was also unable to go to work because of the pain.Arfa prescribed him Veratrum Album 200 twice a day – his constipation improved drastically. He now reports that he can go to the toilet with great ease.”
L Hughes, UK
“My husband and I were trying to conceive for over six years. A laparoscopy showed I had a blocked fallopian tube, and the doctors told me there wasn’t a lot they could do to unblock the tubes. You prescribed me a homeopathic remedy to unblock my fallopian tubes. Six months later I received the shock of my life when Ifound out I was pregnant! By God’s grace I have now been blessed with a baby boy.”
S Ahmad, Southall
“After a series of unfortunate events, I became depressed and suicidal. I must have lost around 10kg in weight. My marriage was falling apart and I spent many hundreds of euros on seeing the best psychiatrists and health practitioners; I just wanted to get better. My depression had taken over my life. Finally, I turned to homeopathy. You just gave me one dose of Tuberculinum and immediately I felt relieved. Tuberculinum also made me rediscover the love I had for my husband and I have now quit all my antidepressants. I noticed that your case-taking technique was similar to a psychiatrist. Thank you so much for listening to my whole case and being so calm and welcoming.”
S.A Frankfurt, Germany
“In 2010, I was having recurrent asthma problems and lying down in bed was becoming difficult; it would make me feel wheezy. I’ve had asthma since I was a child. Because asthma is such a serious medical condition and personally I would advise against doing what I did – i.e. going to a homeopath instead of a medical doctor – Arfa was concerned I had decided to come to her first instead of a medical doctor, but all I managed to say was ‘I feel worse lying down at night.’ She got up immediately and prepared a medicine for me called Aralia. I swear by Almighty God, as soon as those pills touched my tongue, my asthma went away. It worked faster than the nebulizers. Although a few months later, my asthma symptoms returned, my belief in homeopathy increased. Thanks Arfa for showing me how fast homeopathy can work!”
Mr M, London
“I had a really bad toothache for two days; I wasn’t able to eat or drink and doing anything else seemed so difficult with the ache. My mum went to see Arfa and she gave me a medicine which really helped ease the pain. Thanks.”
Basma Malik, Roehampton
“Thank you so much Arfa! My nose was completely blocked every single day and I could hardly breathe, especially at night – it was very difficult. Your medicine helped me so much and I can’t possibly thank you enough.”
Nabila Ahmad, London.
“I had a severe type of fungus growing on my feet. Arfa told me she had never seen anything like that before. It was even on my nails. A few sessions later it was gone.”
Q J, London
“My husband Mahmood was treated for migraine problems, and after three months, his headaches have improved noticeably. He’s quite happy with her treatment so I would definitely recommend her!”
Shanzay Khan